Gold Gram Values
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Gold Gram Bar Resources

Gold Coin Values (
Current melt value of gold coins using the latest spot price.

Gold Bars Worldwide (
An excellent resource sponsored by the World Gold Council. Although most of the content is in pdf format, it lists all of the major refiners and producers of gold bars.

Kitco Chip Gold (
A new product line from Kitco, it comes in several different weight options: 1g, 2.5 g, 5 g, 10 g, 20 g bars.

NWT Mint's Gold Gram Bars Page (
Well presented page from Northwest Territorial Mint, it lists some of their retail prices when ordering in bulk.

Scrap Gold Calculator (
Easy-to-use scrap gold calculator integrated with the live gold price.

Lynn Coins Gold Bars Page (
A dealer page with retail prices, they usually have a diverse inventory of gram-sized bars.

Apmex Gold Bars Page (
Another dealer page with retail prices, but they also sell 14k bevels to hang gold bars around your neck.

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